Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Why should any developer know english?

  1. No matter what language or framework you work you will write in English( basic English ...but you will)
  2. You should be able to a least post questions in an international forum and this will increase the chance of your post receiving an answer.
  3. Some forums (like the forums) have the presence of the developer team , and there is no one better to solve your problem.
As incredible as it seems I have crossed path with developers that didn't know English and that where very good. But as the time passed I became a better developer because I could read the articles about upcoming technologies first .

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vansickle said...

I can add more reasons:
1) Problem with naming in your code: when you don't know English you must name your code items in your native language - which was bad, especially if your native language use non-latin alphabet - you must translit words to English - and it's not deterministic process.
2) The better your know English - the easy to find answer on your problem using search engine