Friday, August 10, 2007

My Forum

Its now almost one month without any posts to my I am thinking to delete it..
I will wait 15 more days ...and if there aren't any new posts it will be gone..
If someone have any questions about any of my projects or my website...then you can you use the comments on this blog.

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arnold said...

Thanks for writing those useful extjs examples. Hopefully you will add some more in the near future.

rodiniz said...

Your are welcome...I am open for suggestions about what samples to do.
Thanks for visiting.

Henrique Ribeiro said...

Rodrigo, mandei um post no seu forum.

Rodrigo, I send a post to your forum.

Sam said...

Hello, I was looking over your extjs aggregate sample and think it's great.

I'm going out on a limb here, but i was hoping you could whip up an example to simply lock the last row from sorting in an ext "array" grid. my totals are a bit convoluted and come from the server. I would really appreciate it if you could help out with an example and I would gladly contribute to your new computer fund! Thanks for the examples and keep up the great work.

rodiniz said...

Hi Sam try using the code below.
Put it after the Ext includes.
Override the sort function to
lock the last row of the grid
*/ function(){
var rowData;
if(this.sortInfo && !this.remoteSort){
var s = this.sortInfo, f = s.field;
var st = this.fields.get(f).sortType;
var fn = function(r1, r2){
var v1 = st([f]), v2 = st([f]);
return v1 > v2 ? 1 : (v1 < v2 ? -1 : 0);

//copy the data of the last Row
//remove the row,1)
}, fn);
if(this.snapshot && this.snapshot !={
this.snapshot.sort(s.direction, fn);

Sam said...

rodiniz- That worked great! All I had to do to get it to work was remove the if(this.hasAggregate){} condition. I'll be making a donation on your blog shortly. Thank you so much, you've saved me countless hours of struggle!

rodiniz said...

Thanks for your donation !!
Your are very welcome...

Anonymous said...

Hey Rodiniz
First thx for the awsome work u have done with this great project!!

I have a small question, about your grid. i have been strugling with getting it to work from the code exampel you provided on the sampel site. But i cant get it to show any rows, it only shows the header of the field, was it posseble for u to make a very very basic demo of u grid without sorting and pageing ?

Robin te Hofstee said...

hi rodiniz,

i'm a newbee to extjs.

in the forum there i saw that you made an example to aggregate a column.

but the link to your website isn't working. in your blog you wrote that if that happens i had to change something in my hosts file. that's what i did. but i still can't reach the website.

is it possible that you email me that example?

a member of the extjs forum. has a link that shows an example of aggregate.

but he uses xml and i'm getting the data directly from my database.

Grand total only shows up for a brief second then gets overwritten by the data of my database.

thanks in advance

robin te hofstee

Robin te Hofstee said...

oeps forget email addy.