Friday, March 16, 2007

A service to manage a account

I have just uploaded something unusual for my website. It is not a sample , its a web 2,0 mini-app
that helps manage a account. If you don't know what is just follow the link to see.
  1. Drag and drop move files
  2. Rename files/folders by double clicking the node and editing the value
  3. Download files from your account
  4. Delete files/folders
Planned features:
Upload files (that was working like a charm in my dev environment ...but its not working in the remote site).
This isn't a sample , cause I am not releasing the source-code.
Don't be fooled by the app speed ..its really updating your account.
Click here to see it.
Please report any bugs here.


Anonymous said...

"The resource cannot be found."...

rodiniz said...

My hole website was out.
Its back online now.My isp has some very weird issues.

rodiniz said...

The link was wrong...
its fixed now.