Thursday, March 08, 2007

New sample

There is a new sample in my website it shows an WYSIWYG html editor for Ext.
I saw some requests for that at the forums and I decided to see if I could do it.
And I was surprised to see how easy it was to do it with the help of Ext.
Go ahead and see it
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Anonymous said...

I've been looking at your editor and I think it is a great idea and really want I want too. We are using IE7 (XP) and it looks to me that not all functions work in IE. I did test with firefox too and no problems.
The issues I see is that marking text for bold/italic/underline or right/center/left is fine. Marking for font, size forground/background colors misses the focus when I push the button to choose eighter. And some times I get an error Line 10, buffer is zero or not and object. I also notice that the 'cr' gives that huge space between lines.
Hope you can fix this, because I would love to use it.

rodiniz said...

hi... I have only IE 6 and firefox 2.0 at my disposal for testing.
I have IE7 at home and I did some basic testing and saw no errors
I will make some more tests..but its not that usual that I connect at home.
what is 'cr'?

rodiniz said...

Although it loses the focus on the functions you described..they work as expected.

Anonymous said...

Hi...and thanks for looking into this.. I have tested today and sorry to say that I still have problems. I downloaded your code and tested it locally and then the font size issue worked(!!), but not colors, meaning if I stick to just forground it works, but if I push the other button is gives an JS error:
buffer is zero or not an object


from I could send you sample on mail if that is availible?
cr=is old style for RETURN

Hope we can fix this. I might be able to supply with gifs

rodiniz said...

From what you are saying it can be an Ext issue. (its in alpha yet).
And you get different behavior in your computer then mine can be because I might be using one revision and you another.
I will take a closer look at home ( its where I have IE7)...but probably only on the weekend.I would love some gifs.. my e-mail is on the main page of my website

Anonymous said...

okay, great...
I have just started to look at Jacks stuff...and it is really really nice. Looks very different from my JS experience, but will fight to learn more. I see some very interesting form elements in the alpha3 and that it what I am looking for....mainly.
I have a good friend which is very good with photoshop so he might be able to convert your png into trans. gifs. I'll check with him...
No hurry with the editor, but would be nice to get it to work with IE7 (which we use in an intranet and currently we are stuck with it due to HTA and Template Printing which isn't that easy in firefox).
When testing locally I did use the JS and CSS from your site (copied from local cache), because from what I have downloaded from jacks/yahoos site I did not have e.g. yui.js!?! I am currently a bit confused about what to use, but will get the hang of it soon...I hope.
Regards from Thor in Norway

Anonymous said...


Love it.

In FF when you choose bold, for example, you loose the focus in the editor. With IE it works fine.

Will be great if it will be possible to config the buttons with an external file, although I like it when it`s small.

Is it possible to implement a spell check?

Can I use it freely?
Do you need any help?
If you do just say so and I`ll leave my mail next time I`m in the neighborhood.


rodiniz said...

I see no problem in FF.(last version). I need help making it available to more browsers( I only have IE and FF). can use freely, just put a link to my website.
Its possible to implement spell check
I guess...but I don't have the time.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I also have FF and IE.

The problem in FF occurs when you do the following:
1. Type some text in the window.
2. Without selecting text just click on the bold button.

Now you can see that you loose the focus and have to click on the ifrmae again.
If you select some words and then click on the bold button it works fine.

I solved it by adding this line:
to the function executeCommand.

If you still don`t get this bug I can send you a video capture of my screen.

How can I make the buttons indicate the editing the user put to some text. For example if you changed some words to bold and then you try to edit it again it`ll be nice to have indication that it`s bold.

And one last thing. Can you recommend an opensource spellcheck so I`ll try to implement it?