Thursday, February 08, 2007

New sample based on post on yui-ext forum

There is a new sample at my website that show a very early graph library for yui-ext.

For now the sample doesn't work in Firefox ..but still worth it.

I will update my barchart class to use this as a base ..

Here it is ..enjoy

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rodrigo,

I working on svg support that will work in firefox now. After using the library, did you come across any change reccomendations?


rodiniz said...

Hi Michael I made some minor changes to your Box class ( see the script at my site)
I added a possibility to fill a box with a color.I think that's all I did..

Anonymous said...

Hi Rodrigo,

I have the SVG class working. I couldn't find your email address and Jack's site seems to be down this morning. If you send me your email I will send the new classes to you. My email:

Or I could add my code to your google repository.