Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Coolite Studio

Coolite Studio is A suite of professional ASP.NET Web Controls built on the Ext JavaScript Framework.
  1. The Coolite ASP.NET web controls for Ext are an official licensed product of ExtJS LLC. Among the benefits include Coolite having direct access to the ExtJS core development team and future Coolite Commercial licensing will include an official Ext Commercial License.
  2. One of the core goals of the Coolite controls is providing rich design-time support within Visual Studio. Ultimately every control will feature full Visual Studio drag/drop design-time support. This may not be a requirement for you, although designer support does help uncover hidden properties and features for all controls not easily discovered otherwise. It's a great way for developers new to the framework to *play around* with the controls while knowing all the required JavaScript and HTML will be properly hooked-up.
  3. Technical support. The Coolite controls are fully supported and backed by a real company with a full-time team. At the moment technical support is provided exclusively through these forums, but shortly we will be offering paid premium support contracts.
    If you phone us (1-888-775-5888), we answer the phone.
  4. No ASP.NET AJAX dependency. The Coolite controls work perfectly in conjunction with the Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX and AJAX Externder controls, but in no way do we depend on the ASP.NET AJAX framework. For some developers avoiding ASP.NET AJAX is a priority.
  5. The Coolite controls are pure ASP.NET Web Controls. They fully support the old-school PostBack/ViewState model (if that's a requirement) as well as AJAX asynchronous postbacks.

I see this project has a good future and I am thinking if my project is still valid..tell me what you think here.

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