Thursday, October 11, 2007

Whats in the next version

Like the project? Use the controls for anything?

There are many features and bug fixes coming on the next version of the I will start writing about then before I forget.
  1. New event for the grid SelectedRowIndexChanged -fired when a row is selected
  2. Two new properties for the Grid -Title and GroupingField
  3. New property for the TreePane -checkAllchilds --if true when a node is checked all his child nodes are also checked
  4. TabPanel now renders correctly
  5. Spinner extender will be removed
  6. New control ToolbarExtender
  7. New properties for the TabPanel(closable,tabscrolling).
Bug fixes:
  1. CheckboxTree fires the onnodechecked event only once
  2. TreePanel fires evetns only when needed
  3. Grid and Tree work in masterpage
The BorderLayout control is alpha and will change in the next release.


Javeed said...


I looked at your controls very neat and impressive!

Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Rodrigo, realmente impressionante o seu trabalho. Trabalho com a biblioteca MooFlex (e mootools) há um tempo com o ASP.NET e quando consegui o Grid do EXTJS, o meu primeiro pensamento foi exatamente o seu controle. Muito bom, parabéns!

rodiniz said...

Agradeço aos dois comentários.
Thanks to both comments..