Tuesday, October 30, 2007

ExtJsExtenderControls in ajaxrain

If you don't know ajaxrain is a website that has a list of web 2.0 sites ,scripts that is community driven.I have just found out that the extender sample site is featured in it and that is giving the site a lot of visits.Thanks to whoever put the site there !!

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Jerome Vernon said...

Hi Rodiniz,

I download your ExtJsExtenderControls, install and compiled and reviewed the dll a few days ago. I am just starting a new C# project and would like to review the potential of using the tree view and grid. My question is this: What do you thing would be the best and fastest way to learn how use your extender controls? Your sample site has some great source examples but I would like more detailed information concerning the individual properties of the controls and perhaps example usage under various scenarios. Has any documentation been prepared as yet? If so, then where can I find it?

Thanks in advance,

Jerome Vernon – jeromevernon@sbcglobal.net