Monday, September 17, 2007

Three ways of using Ext with .net without writing javascript

1)The ExtJsExtenderControls-A set of controls wrapping ExtJs (My project)
2)A project that lets you write a windows forms application and generates the ext code
more here.
3) A project that you write all code in c# instead of javascript.More here.
Each project has its advantage and its drawbacks.
Lets talk about then
1)The ExtJsExtenderControls
  • You write less code using the controls properties
  • You can use some cool server-side events fired by callback or postback
  • Integration with ajax( its also a dependency)
  • Only 2.0 and above..
  • Not all Ext Widgets are avaiable.
Project 2
  • Full design-time support from Visual Studio
  • Write less code
  • You cannot use it in a previous web application project
Project 3:
  • Only one dependency (Script#).
  • You write a code that is very similar to the samples in the ExtJs website
  • You will write a lot of C# code .

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