Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A small gift

Here is a small gift to my blog readers ( if I have any).

Click here to get a rar archive containing the visual studio project of my website as it is on my development machine.

You will see that this project has all the asp.net ajax samples as I am able to run then on my development machine.

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Marte Castro said...

Hola Rodrigo,
I'm reading your work about using the Yui-ext with asp.net and I think its great.
Recently I was needing a a grid control (asp.net) with multiple selection, after some time I found your work, and I think it could be work for me. I wonder if you know how can I how can I use selectRowsById(String/Array id, [Boolean keepExisting]) : void
YAHOO.ext.grid.EditorSelectionModel class

each time the grid is loaded?.

Sorry by my english!


Marte Castro

rodiniz said...

Hey marte...I am not sure I undestand what you want.You can find my e-mail in my website , feel free to contact me.